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ornament1 The Preacher is the name of a prophetic pen as well as the willing “company” of publishers (Psalm 68:11) that the Lord has raised to ink that Pen and circulate the words of its prophecy around the globe especially in print, and also by radio and on the web.

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ornament1 The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.

Psalms 68:11

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The Preacher began humbly in 1981. Initial productions were by mimeograph, and circulation was only a few hundreds. Over the years, circulation has grown into thousands, attracting several compelling testimonies from the leadership and laity of the Body of Christ.

Our history


We organize the Preacher Retreat all over the world, Ministers Forums, Writers Workshops and Partner Vigils

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  • Mrs J.W., Abuja
    During the September retreat of The Preacher last year in Abuja, Nigeria, I had several encounters. During the communion service, I felt the power of God mightily. Soon after that service, I met the preacher and requested that he agree with me concerning the fruit of the womb, as I had then been married for 6 years, 10 months without a child. He said a less-than-12 seconds prayer. Mine was a medically hopeless case, so I had expected a little more. Well, I believed and left. I am most happy to testify that nine months later, the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. We have named him, Awesome.
  • Sister E., Abuja.
    For the first time in many months, I slept for two hours this afternoon after the retreat.  I had been prayed for at the Abuja retreat to break the long witchcraft spell of sleeplessness since six months.  Also, I just got a job interview alert to come and head a school.  The Holy Communion service was really wonderful.  I know that many more blessings are coming.